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Stonehenge Park, Orcheston
Salisbury, Wiltshire
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 1980 620304
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Safety Information

We would like your visit here to be as relaxed and informal as possible, but for your own and everyone else’s enjoyment, health and safety will you please observe the following.

SPEED LIMIT - We have a strict 5 mph speed limit on the campsite,  should we have to speak to you with regard to your speed, you will be asked to park your vehicle off site.

FIRE PRECAUTIONS - Please leave 6 metres (20 feet) between your tent or caravan and the next.  There are fire points around the Park and a main fire point at the Laundry end of the Shower Block, giving procedures in the case of fire.

ELECTRIC HOOK-UPS - Are via standard blue 240v IP44 electrical connectors protected by a 16 amp Residual Current Device (RCD) for safety designed to cut off the supply in the event of a fault occuring in your connecting lead, caravan or appliance. Your caravan / camping supply board must also have its own protective RCD and we recommend that you have your electrics checked by a qualified electrician each year.

DRINKING WATER - There is drinking water, from the mains, next to the flag pole at the top of the field and by the wall behind the shop.

WASTE WATER (GREY) - There is an emptying point for domestic waste water only  next to the blue information shed.  Please do not use the drains at the drinking water taps.

CHEMICAL DISPOSAL POINT - This is located behind the shower block and is to be used for the disposal of chemical waste only.  Please do not empty your chemical toilets in the toilet block as this tends to block the drains and there are no facilities inside the building for rinsing your containers.

BBQ’S AND OPEN FIRES - We have no objection to BBQ’S as long as they are raised off the ground.  If you have instant BBQ’S then please see a member of staff who will supply you with a block to stand it on, (or usually found by  the trees or at the sides of the site). Please do not allow the grass to burn. OPEN FIRES ARE NOT ALLOWED.

Mobile Fire Pits and Chimnea are available to hire (limited availability) for only £5 per night. Fire wood (£5) and kindling (£3) is sold in the shop if required.

BICYCLES -  We do not have a problem with children riding their cycles on the park, however, would you please ensure that they do not ride near other people’s cars, tents or vansCycles must not be ridden around the mobile home park, and please keep to the speed limit of 5MPH. The speed  hump is not to be used for bicycle stunts, please make sure your children are aware of this.

DOGS must be kept on a lead at all times and under the control of an adult.  Please do not allow your dogs in the buildings or to foul the Park.  When nature calls, please take them, on leads, off the site.  If any dog is found to be wandering the park, then you may be asked to remove them from the site. No dogs in the Camping Cabins.

Smoking is not permitted in the camping cabins, facility buildings, the shop or reception. There are ashtray bins outside each door for your cigarette ends.

CHILDREN’S PLAY AREA is for the use of children 10years and under.  As tempting as it is, we would ask the adults to refrain from using it.

PLEASE DO NOT CLIMB THE TREES, most of the trees on site have very weak boughs/branches and are not suitable to be climbed.

WASHING LINES are not permitted on site as they are detrimental to the appearance of the site and can be safety hazard. There is a rotary clothes line outside the laundry room, or a tumble dryer inside the laundry room, for the use of guests.

GENERATORS of any description are not permitted.

RECYCLING  bins are located at the front of the shower block. Please rinse out glass jars and tin cans before placing them in the bins.  Please do not smash glass into the bins.

SECURITY The Park is protected by CCTV, by entering these premises you are agreeing to their use.


We insist that all guests be considerate to others and to ensure that there is no noise after 11pm. If you feel that someone is being inconsiderate then will you please ring us on 07*********   (the numbers will be listed on arrival) and we will endeavour to sort the problem out. Please do not worry about time, as we would rather deal with a problem at the time it is happening. We find most people will not complain about a situation until the following morning, which makes it very difficult for us to investigate, so for this reason complaints will not be dealt with the following day.

Pitches are available from 12.00pm on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 11.00am on the day of departure (cabins are available from 3pm and to be vacated by 11am).

Thank You and We Hope You Enjoy Your Stay  







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